Divertimento (trombone and piano)

Programme Note

My Divertimento was written in 1968 for an educational series of instrumental music published by Chappell Music. It is now published by Studio Music.

Divertimento is in three three movements: Moto Perpetuo, Canzona and Scherzino. The music exploits the various characters of the trombone, from the boisterous to the thoughtful. The opening Moto Perpetuo is in ternary form, opening with an expansive melodic line, with a middle section where the muted trombone uses characteristic glissandi and flutter tongue. The second movement Canzona is lyrical in mood and style, whilst the final Scherzino finds the trombone in fun mode. The work has been much used for graded music examinations, and is often performed by young players, thus satisfying my intention for writing the work.

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Katy Jones delivers the lyrical lines [of Divertimento] with a deliciously smooth tone.

Thomas Dunne, Brass Band World, March 2021

Work Details

  • Date of Composition: 1968
  • Publisher: Studio Music
  • Genre:
  • Duration: 7'
  • Instrumentation: trombone and piano


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