Programme Note

A Song for Bram is a short work for piano and brass band, and is dedicated to the memory of Bramwell Tovey, a close friend and colleague of the composer, and a conductor, composer, pianist and musician of huge talent, who sadly passed away before his time in the summer of 2022. In this short piece I’ve tried to imagine what kind of tune Bram would have improvised at the piano, something he frequently engaged in. No doubt it would have been a mixture of bluesy jazz, hymn tune, and love song, and this is how the solo piano takes off. In the middle section of a what is a simple tertiary structure, I have introduced quotes from two hymn tunes Bram particularly loved, never having forgotten his Salvation Army roots. Bram’s ’Song’ returns, this time on a plaintive flugelhorn horn, and which reaches a climax with the full band before receding, literally, into the distance…..(to a new life beyond?).

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Written: 2022

There are two versions: the original version for piano and brass band (1), and a version for brass band only (2)

Genre: Brass Band

Publisher: Morthanveld Music Publishing

Duration: 6'

First Performance: 1: 29 January 2023. 2: 20 October 2023
1: RNCM Brass Band Festival, RNCM Concert Hall, UK. 2: Regent Hall, London, UK
1: Brighouse and Rastrick Band. 2:Foden's Band, 1: Edward Gregson (piano), 1 & 2: Russell Gray (conductor)