Or Notes Brass

Or Notes┬áBrass is a professional Brass Quintet formed in 2003 by five former students of the Paris Conservatoire. They have won a number of prestigious European competitions, and have released commercial recordings of original brass chamber music repertoire. In this latest CD they include Edward Gregson’s early Brass Quintet of 1967, as well as music by Shostakovich, Jean-Marc Boudet, Jan Bach, and Marcel Landowski.

Recording Details

  • Release Date: January 1, 2007
  • Release Number: INDE005
  • Record Label:


    Or Notes Brass: Julien Lair and Anthony Chevillon (trumpets), Pierre Remondiere (horn), Etienne Lamatelle (trombone), Sylvain Thillou (tuba)

Included Works: