Edward Gregson: Complete Music for Solo Piano







The works themselves have so much compositional characterisation, a highly integrated background inspiration and great pianistic craftsmanship. McLachlan’s [programme] notes reveal a great appreciation of the works that then shines through his performances.  … the playing has so much characterisation and is a joy to listen to – this from one of the UK’s leading virtuoso pianists.

Dr Howard J Evans, Brass Band World, September 2020

… the overriding emphasis in this composer’s work is the need to communicate directly. There is a great confidence about all of Gregson’s music, and though the styles he exploits are certainly varied, the rock-solid craftsmanship that lies at the root of his work is impressive.

It was wonderful to collaborate with a composer who knows not only what he wants from the piano, but also – crucially – how to get what he wants.

This is practical and loveable music that speaks directly to listeners of all persuasions, whether specialist aficionados of the piano or general music lovers.

Murray McLachlan, International Piano magazine, October 2020

As the composer comments, the music moves from somewhere in Central Europe perhaps to ‘a Manhattan jazz club’, as he so subtly integrates a more jazz-inspired piano texture, and harmonic palette. It’s just another highlight on the CD, which, particularly if you’re a pianist, you’ll really want to get your hands on.

Whether you’re a listener, or pianist too, there is so much to enjoy here, that, in the unfortunate event of another pandemic lockdown, you could certainly make the most of the enforced isolation, by getting to know more about Edward Gregson, and his fascinating piano music in particular.

Philip R Buttall, Music Web International, October 2020

Gregson combines modernity with irrepressible harmonic logic in his music, and it has a uniformly accessible appeal.

… the contrast between the lyrically sumptuous and the more rhythmically dynamic writing is fully exposed in McLachlan’s concerted and attuned playing.

The piano music of Edward Gregson is clearly a brilliant body of work that deserves wider exploration. There’s a consistency and appeal here that marks his out as one of the remarkable piano composers of our times.

Pianodao, October 2020

Edward Gregson’s piano music is varied and rewarding and I enjoyed exploring it with Murray McLachlan as my guide. His playing is superb throughout and he clearly identifies strongly with the music. Nor should one overlook the expert contributions of Rose McLachlan and the composer himself at various points in the programme.

John Quinn, MusicWeb International, March 2021

I must say at the outset how compellingly and impactfully Gregson writes for the piano. Listening to this ambitiously comprehensive recording … is rather like being handed the keys to the sweet shop – there’s boundless inventiveness to admire, and Gregson’s grasp of the instrument is consummate.

Mark Tanner, Piano International, April 2020


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