Chandos Concertos for Brass CD cover JPEG

Recording Details

    • Release Date: May 3, 1993

    • Record Number: CHAN 4526


John Fletcher, tuba, Ifor James, French horn, Roy Newsome, conductor, Besses O' Th' Barn Band



[The Horn Concerto] is beautifully played by both band and soloist.  They all seem to relish equally the lovely melancholy of the middle movement in which soprano and cornet take over the melody while the French horn plays a counter melody and the rumbustious finale.  Excellent sound.

Gramophone, August 1982

The 1976 Tuba Concerto (soloist John Fletcher) seems particularly well conceived for band and solo instrument while exploring much new territory.

Classical Music, July 1982

By far the most demanding technical performance is displayed with the brilliant playing of John Fletcher in Gregson’s Tuba Concerto…. Edward Gregson, while providing a tour-de-force for Fletcher’s wizardry, has composed some beautiful thematic material here, and well suited for band and tuba….

Completing side one and filling half of side two is the Gregson Concerto for French Horn and Band.  The soloist here is Ifor James, who presents a flawless performance of virtuosic calibre.

Stephen Bulla, British Bandsman, July 1982