New Work for Clarinet and Piano

Edward Gregson has completed a new work for clarinet and piano entitled
‘Tributes’. Each of the five pieces, or Tributes, is dedicated to a composer
known for his contribution to the clarinet repertoire: Poulenc, Finzi,
Stravinsky, Messiaen, and Bartok.

In addition, the composer has dedicated each of the pieces to a clarinettist
with whom he has had musical associations. Two of the pieces are to be
premiered in Portugal next month by one of the dedicatees, Nicholas Cox. The
complete work will be premiered next year by all five clarinettists with
dates and venues to be announced. The other four …

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Gregson writes new ceremonial works for English universities

Edward Gregson has been commissioned by two English universities to write new ceremonial brass works for their graduation ceremonies. Anglia Ruskin University has commissioned Ceremonial for brass quintet for their graduation ceremonies this coming Autumn; the commission commemorates the 150th anniversary of John Ruskin’s foundation of the Cambridge School of Art, now part of Anglia Ruskin University.

The other commission is from the recently established University for the Creative Arts which has commissioned Music for an Occasion, also for brass quintet. The first performance took place at a ceremony at Guildford Cathedral in June, with others following over the …

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