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Works List

Found 8 works composed until 2013 and filed under the genre “miscellaneous”. All works found are displayed on this page. The results are ordered by the date of composition.

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Edward Gregson Works List
NumberWork Title down arrowGenre down arrowPublisher down arrowDate up arrow of CompositionOther
1.Romance (Clarinet & Piano)MiscellaneousManuscript Only1964
2.Two SongsMiscellaneousManuscript Only1964
3.Walk Not in the Long GrassMiscellaneousManuscript Only1964
4.Introduction and AllegroMiscellaneousManuscript Only1965
5.Three SongsMiscellaneousManuscript Only1966
6.Music for the York Cycle of Mystery PlaysMiscellaneousManuscript Only1976
7.Music for The Plantagenets TrilogyMiscellaneousManuscript Only1988
8.Music for Henry IV parts 1 & 2MiscellaneousManuscript Only1990
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