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Works List

Found 8 works composed until 2013 and filed under the genre “miscellaneous”. All works found are displayed on this page. The results are in order of work title.

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Edward Gregson Works List
NumberWork Title up arrowGenre down arrowPublisher down arrowDate down arrow of CompositionOther
1.Introduction and AllegroMiscellaneousManuscript Only1965
2.Music for Henry IV parts 1 & 2MiscellaneousManuscript Only1990
3.Music for The Plantagenets TrilogyMiscellaneousManuscript Only1988
4.Music for the York Cycle of Mystery PlaysMiscellaneousManuscript Only1976
5.Romance (Clarinet & Piano)MiscellaneousManuscript Only1964
6.Three SongsMiscellaneousManuscript Only1966
7.Two SongsMiscellaneousManuscript Only1964
8.Walk Not in the Long GrassMiscellaneousManuscript Only1964
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