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Works List

Found 17 works composed until 2013 and filed under the genre “instrumental”. All works found are displayed on this page. The results are in order of work title.

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Edward Gregson Works List
NumberWork Title up arrowGenre down arrowPublisher down arrowDate down arrow of CompositionOther
1.AlarumInstrumentalIntrada1994Programme Notes Available Recordings Available
2.An Album for my FriendsInstrumentalNovello2011Programme Notes Available
3.Aztec DancesInstrumentalNovello2010Programme Notes Available
4.CapriccioInstrumentalManuscript Only1964
5.DivertimentoInstrumentalStudio Music1968 Recordings Available
6.Oboe SonataInstrumentalEmerson Edition1965Programme Notes Available Audio Samples Available
7.Piano Sonata in one movementInstrumentalNovello1983Programme Notes Available Audio Samples Available
8.Prelude & Capriccio (Cornet or Trumpet and Piano)InstrumentalR Smith1972Programme Notes Available
9.Romance (Recorder & Piano)InstrumentalPeacock Press2003 Recordings Available
10.Romance (Recorder & String Quartet)InstrumentalPeacock Press2003Programme Notes Available Audio Samples Available
11.Serenata Notturna (Violin & Piano)InstrumentalNovello1998Programme Notes Available Audio Samples Available
12.Serenata Notturna ('Cello & Piano)InstrumentalNovello2004Programme Notes Available
13.Shadow of ParadiseInstrumentalNovello2005Programme Notes Available Recordings Available
14.Six Little Piano PiecesInstrumentalNovello1982Programme Notes Available Audio Samples Available
15.Three Matisse Impressions (recorder and piano version)InstrumentalForsyth1993Programme Notes Available Recordings Available
16.TributesInstrumentalNovello2010Programme Notes Available
17.TriptychInstrumentalNovello2011Programme Notes Available
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