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Works List

Found 12 works composed until 2013 and filed under the genre “educational”. All works found are displayed on this page. The results are ordered by the publisher.

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Edward Gregson Works List
NumberWork Title down arrowGenre down arrowPublisher up arrowDate down arrow of CompositionOther
1.New Horizons (brass ensemble)EducationalBrass Wind1977Programme Notes Available
2.20 Supplementary Tunes (solo brass - treble clef)EducationalBrass Wind1978
3.20 Supplementary Tunes (solo brass - bass clef)EducationalBrass Wind1978
4.Ten Miniatures (trumpet and piano)EducationalBrass Wind1980
5.15 Duets (2 treble clef brass instruments)EducationalBrass Wind1982
6.Cameos (trumpet and piano)EducationalBrass Wind1987Programme Notes Available
7.Up Front (solo brass and piano)EducationalBrass Wind1987Programme Notes Available
8.Up Front (solo woodwind and piano)EducationalBrass Wind1993Programme Notes Available
9.The Salamander and the Moonraker (Children's cantata)EducationalNovello1980Programme Notes Available
10.Fairground SongsEducationalNovello1982
11.Four PicturesEducationalOUP1980Programme Notes Available
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